Pictures that draw

These are some of the images I have used when facilitating groups, to stimulate and focus discussion. I like giving people surprises.The unexpected helps people step out of their routine thinking and entrenched positions, and respond more personally. That opens the door to deepening existing or forming new relationships.

And a little laughter eases tension, and adds energy to the room

the dramatic…

Painting Raft of the Medusa

The raft of the Medusa, Théodore Géricault , 1818–1819

Magnificently over the top, this painting is more than life-size, and depicts the despairing crew of a French ship wrecked by the captain’s incompetence. They eventually resorted to cannibalism, but here are seen either waving or lolling about. Their environment – the sea and sky – is tossing them about. Are any of these men working with each other to take responsibility for their future ?

By contrast:

Painting of the dance

Dance II, Henri Matisse, 1910

Five figures, each taking their own steps, but twisting and turning to offer and accept support, and hold the circle together. They are active, and dance across the earth and sky.

the unforeseen

Trackless wastes, wide skies, boundless vistas alternating with labouring out of deep ravines…some leading, others following, some guiding, others sitting in the back of the wagon…

But you never know how people will respond. “What do you see here ?” I asked one group as I flashed up the slide. Straight back came the reply from the back of the room: “Looks like a load of bullocks to me”.


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